Do Not Confuse Effort with Results (Issue 483)

In which we consider the advantages of presenting ourselves as our benefit rather than our job description or title. Read more »

Selling Past No Close (Issue 473)

In which we consider what to do when we run into someone who has no need, no hurry, or no money. From the “you probably had to be there and I will give it a shot anyway” department: Read more »

Sales as Performance (Issue 465)

In which we are reminded that people frequently make decisions based on feelings, first, then on facts. During a heated discussion recently, one of our colleagues growled,  “Facts don’t count.”   At the time, I thought, “What an IDIOT!   Of  COURSE facts count.  This is a BUSINESS we’re talking about.”    But… what if facts DON’T count … Read more »

Taking A View (Issue 463)

In which we are reminded that being a good advisor to clients often means leading them. Read more »


On Saturday night, I watched the movie, “This is Spinal Tap,” a 25-year old “mockumentary” about a fictional, dreadful heavy metal band named, as you might guess, Spinal Tap. Read more »


Baltimore, Maryland. 9:30 pm. Friday night. I was shuffling my way down one more jet way to one more airplane. Last leg of my trip home. ‘Though we all felt like cattle in a stock yard chute, the boarding passengers either shuffled silently or mumbled quietly to traveling companions. Not much moo-ing. So, it was … Read more »

Talking Business

In which we learn to ask questions about four business drivers to understand our clients’ businesses. As your clients are reviewing their plans and budgets for the year…. now’s the time to raise the level of your conversations with them to a level above “we’d really like the opportunity to work with you.” All business … Read more »