I’d At Least Be Curious (Issue 470)

In which we discuss (at some length) the importance of resonating with your prospects pain points when you’re approaching to begin conversation. Read more »

Whack A Mole Sales (Issue 469)

In which we consider the possibility that we may need to sell transactionally to start consultative relationships. Within the last few weeks, several of our clients have said, almost literally, “I’m too busy to manage.” As in, “I’m too busy to manage my business,” or “I’m too busy to coach my sales people,” or “I’m … Read more »

Moving Target (Issue 468)

In which we are reminded to clear time-wasters from our client lists and project lists in order to create capacity to grow. Read more »

Distracted (Issue 467)

In which we’re reminded of the value of periodically reviewing our clients and accounts so that we’re not surprised by changes.. Read more »

Problem First (Issue 466)

In which we emphasize the importance of articulating the value of a solution before introducing the idea of the solution. Read more »

Sales as Performance (Issue 465)

In which we are reminded that people frequently make decisions based on feelings, first, then on facts. During a heated discussion recently, one of our colleagues growled,  “Facts don’t count.”   At the time, I thought, “What an IDIOT!   Of  COURSE facts count.  This is a BUSINESS we’re talking about.”    But… what if facts DON’T count … Read more »

No Argument (Issue 464)

In which we learn to set context with past – present – future questions  when a client or prospect asks for product information. Read more »

Taking A View (Issue 463)

In which we are reminded that being a good advisor to clients often means leading them. On a recent Friday, I had lunch with a consultant I’ve engaged from time to time.  As we munched our salads, he gently asked a number of questions: Read more »

Trusted Advisors Redux (Issue 462)

In which we search for the trail head of the path to becoming clients’ Trusted Advisors. We recently conducted some research with one of our client’s small business owner customers, owners of companies with sales in the $2 million to $5 million range. We asked them a series of questions about their companies, their banking … Read more »

Ready Comprehension (Issue 461)

In which we are reminded to listen beyond the point at which we think we know the solution to a client’s problem or challenge. Read more »