Next Steps (Issue 480)

In which we consider broadening our “next steps” questions to reduce objections and accelerate implementation of solutions. Read more »

Attract to Retain (Issue 479)

In which we are reminded that retaining customers is a process of continual attraction. Read more »

Take Nothing for Granted (Issue 478)

In which we consider curiosity about our clients’ and prospects’ statements and assertions that all is well. Read more »

Creaky Knees (Issue 477)

In which we revisit the importance of looking at the whole picture even when someone says, “it hurts …right … here.” Read more »

Playing to Space (Issue 476)

In which we consider a parallel between soccer tactics and performing as trusted advisors to our clients. Read more »

Looking for Spoons (Issue 475)

… in which we discover the benefits of asking broader questions before we qualify someone for our products. It’s a small cafeteria. Solid food to the right. Salad to the left. Cashier at the end. Read more »

What’s New? (Issue 474)

In which we discuss the importance of taking new ideas and new perspectives to our clients to keep them coming back. Read more »

Selling Past No Close (Issue 473)

In which we consider what to do when we run into someone who has no need, no hurry, or no money. From the “you probably had to be there and I will give it a shot anyway” department: Read more »

Grapes (Issue 472)

In which we are reminded to speak benefits rather than features… And to slow down. Read more »

How Much Is That Doggie? (Issue 471)

In which we are reminded to answer questions with questions and to delay quoting a price until we know what we’re being asked to quote. Read more »