Monarch Innovation Awards

Take What Their Defenses Give (Issue 620)

In which we are reminded to assess potential conversation partners before we barge in. Read more »

Any Excuse (Issue 619)

In which we are reminded that it’s our job to create reasons to talk and possibilities for action. Read more »

Perspective (Issue 615)

In which we are reminded to speak in our clients’ tongues, not our own. Read more »

Selling from Purpose (Issue 614)

In which we are encouraged to define our purposes clearly, therefrom to guide our sales work. Read more »

Your Story in My Words (Issue 613)

In which we are reminded to help our clients see their stories in our descriptions about our businesses. Read more »

Tell Me Why (Issue 611)

In which we are reminded to ask our referral sources WHY they are referring us to their colleagues or clients.  Read more »

Question with Those Fries? (Issue 610)

In which we are reminded…once again… to ask questions EVEN WHEN WE’RE SURE  we have a good idea. Read more »

Not Good Enough for Us (Issue 600)

In which we are reminded to learn and use our companies’ positioning language flawlessly. Read more »