Managing Sales Process

Here’s a collection of information-packed, research-based articles we invite you to read and share.

Call Preparation: 3 Musts for Sales People
by Nick Miller

Preparation—it’s the key to a successful sales call (especially the first call on a prospect), yet so many sales people focus on the wrong types of prep work, or don’t prepare at all.   Proper preparation gives sales people the perspective needed to establish credibility and earn the opportunity for additional conversation.   How to … Read more »

Prospecting: Three Attention Grabbers to Get the First Meeting
by Nick Miller

Getting that first appointment with a prospect isn’t easy.  What can branch managers, small business bankers, and others responsible for selling bank products and services do to increase their chances?  Grab the prospect’s attention with one good reason to meet and chances are MUCH better they’ll say “yes.” Three points of advice for bankers: Find … Read more »

6 Strategies to Build Confidence and Impact in Talking to Small Business Owners and Deepening Relationships… Now
by Nick Miller

If you’ve never been a small business owner, talking to one could be scary.  Low confidence and lack of knowledge about businesses, business owner concerns, and bank products and services all add to the fear factor.  The good news is that this is all fixable. If you’re a small business banker or a branch manager, … Read more »

Business Banking Sales Strategies—How to Choose and Attract More of Your Best Customers
by Nick Miller

Who are your bank’s best business customers?  Find out and then go after them with these three steps! Think about fly fishing for a moment (bear with me — I do have a business point here): A fly fisher’s success is based on alignment of three elements: 1) the fish they want to catch, 2) … Read more »

Bank Sales Management – How to Develop a Winning Sales System
by Nick Miller

Got a sales playbook?  A standardized sales system, like a football playbook, can help your sales team win more profitable business.  Designing one requires a specific action plan.  Here’s how to develop one and execute it most effectively. One of the greatest things about fall for many people (myself included!) is that it’s football season.  … Read more »

Bank Sales Management – Balancing Growth and Retention to Reach your Sales Goals
by Nick Miller

For sales teams, the key to balancing new business development and retention of existing accounts is a clear “flight plan” and active, focused sales management. How would your sales teams respond to this challenge? Grow loans and DDA balances 10% (for the third year in a row) in a fiercely competitive market (never mind the … Read more »

Bank Sales Management – 4 Steps to Boosting Sales of Corporate Finance/Capital Markets
by Nick Miller

At many banks, significant investments in capital markets and corporate finance capabilities to create a “one stop shop” have not led to significant increases in opportunities identified by relationship managers. Four important steps can accelerate the process. With notable exceptions, commercial bank efforts to boost revenue by selling corporate finance and capital markets products to … Read more »

Successful Sales Management Begins with Releasing the Rear View Mirror
by Nick Miller

Sales managers who manage their teams by focusing on sales results suffer the same consequences as drivers who steer by looking only in the rear view mirror. I have driven many miles with two warp-speed children in my back seat. (Don’t worry, they’re mine!) Most sales managers laugh when I describe the fenders I almost … Read more »

Sales Process – 4 Steps to Maximizing your Brand Delivery
by Nick Miller

Are your field sales people taking your brand to market? If you hear multiple answers to the question, “What is our company’s sales process?” you are diminishing your return on investment in branding. If you were a rancher in the Old West, branding was simple. Your ranch hands heated artfully bent pieces of iron and … Read more »

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