Weekly Sales Thoughts

Engage New Friends (Issue 758)

In which we are reminded that people “out there” are reading what we write on line…. Really! Read more »

Are You Good Enough They’ll Call You? Issue 757

In which we are reminded that our network reputation for a specific expertise earns us introductions to the people who most need us. Read more »

Old Wounds (Issue 756)

In which we are reminded to take care of “injuries” in our client relationships lest they come back to cripple us later. Read more »

Eat! Eat Some More! (Issue 755)

In which we are encouraged to understand context before we pitch recommendations. Read more »

Bridges in the Moment (Issue 754)

In which we are reminded we can leverage ‘what’s happening in the moment’ to start conversations with prospects during networking or group events. Read more »

The Changing Game (Issue 753)

In which we are encouraged to practice our conversation and sales skills in everyday life so they’re sharp when we need them in sales calls. Read more »

Not Thirsty (Issue 752)

In which we are reminded that, even if we provide water, horses won’t drink if they’re not already thirsty or if we can’t convince them that drinking now would be a really good idea. Read more »

Competitor Links (Issue 751)

In which we are reminded to keep our competitors clearly in view and to distance and differentiate ourselves. Read more »

This May Cost A Little More (Issue 750)

In which we recommend at least modest due diligence before quoting a price on a project or sale. Read more »

Don’t Give A Hoot (Issue 749)

In which we are reminded that dollarizing our value, is an INCREASINGLY essential sales discipline. “Nobody gives a hoot about your products, Nick.” He may have substituted another word or two there, and his intent was clear. I was talking to another business owner about how our respective businesses are faring. “They don’t…really. They’re fine … Read more »