Pathways Oft Ignored (Issue 794)

In which we are reminded that, when we need internal leverage to move sales forward, our clients’ assistants or admins  may have the best networks of all. Read more »

Maps and Plans (Issue 793)

In which we are reminded that it’s good to have a map when working a major account. Read more »

Leaking Sprinklers (Issue 792)

In which we are reminded to meet routinely, certainly with our most significant clients, so we can anticipate and address challenges early rather than waiting for them to call us once there’s a breakdown. Read more »

Maybe Don’t Say It All At Once… (Issue 791)

In which we are reminded not to call our clients’ babies ugly…. At least not all at once. “So, what do you think?” I asked my friend at intermission.  I had invited her to dinner to catch up on a year’s stories,  then to take in a local troupe’s performance of a Broadway musical. “This … Read more »

Signature Dishes (Issue 790)

In which we are encouraged to develop a clear distinction, no matter how small, to differentiate ourselves from others and attract referrals. “When you go there, you MUST at least TRY the Burnt Sugar ice cream.” We were referring another friend to Christina’s Ice Cream in Inman Square, Cambridge, MA. Christina’s makes and sells the … Read more »

If You Had Come to Me In Friendship… (Issue 789)

In which we are reminded to invest in friendships and relationships. Read more »

Remember When We… (Issue 788)

In which we are encouraged to remind our clients, from time to time, all that we’ve done for them. Read more »

Small Business Banking Conference 2016 – Clarity President, Nick Miller, Returns as Chairman

June 6, 2016    Source Media’s Small Business Banking Conference,  November 9 – 11, 2016, will be chaired by Nick Miller, Clarity Advantage’s President.  Miller returns for his sixth year as Conference Chairman,  partnering with Michele Davidson, Source Media’s Conference Director, to develop the program and serve as Master of Ceremonies on site.  The conference, solely … Read more »

Assessing Buyer Appetites for Risk (Issue 787)

In which we are encouraged to explore the bigger picture of what our clients seek to maximize or minimize in purchasing our services. I was riding a city bus from my hotel to a client’s office for an early meeting.  There were some seats open, one next to me, and some people standing.  At the … Read more »

Dust Bunnies (Issue 786)

In which we are reminded that haphazard execution of even small details in a sales process can hurt us. Read more »