Tired Messages (Issue 1019)

In which we are reminded to update regularly our LinkedIn profiles and other messaging platforms.

Last Tuesday, I worked through the morning standing at a cocktail-height table at one end of  a car dealership showroom.  [The wizards in the back were reinvigorating my car.]  At the other end, the expansive showroom floor featured two SUVs (in a space designed for six – supply chain issues… they are seriously back-ordered on new cars.]

So, standing at my end of the showroom, away from the cars, I could see straight through the showroom window to the busy street…except… my view through the windows was partially obstructed by large hand-painted red block  lettering with blue and white highlights,  ht4 YPPAH, at either end of which there were hand-painted red, white, and blue images of small fireworks rockets with burning fuses. You know… July 4th.

Last Tuesday was the 28th of September.  S E P T E M B E R .

Feeling very curious, I found one of the managers and said, “I noticed the ‘Happy 4th’ in your window. I’d love to know the story.”

“Well,” he said, “We don’t want that message up there. It’s time for Halloween. However, the artist who usually cleans off the current display and paints the new display won’t come  to do it;  I don’t know why and we can’t find a cleaning company with the right equipment to clean the window without scratching it.”

Seriously?                             That’s………. really………. unfortunate.

Any passing potential buyer wouldn’t know that sad story and might think, “They must be out of business. They haven’t changed their messaging in months.”

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