Clarity Advantage Corporation

Concordance (Issue 970)

In which we are encouraged to look at the facts behind our clients’ first thoughts  about their problems before jumping to recommendations. Read more »

Forget Me Not (Issue 778)

In which we are reminded to “follow the check list” as we’re closing sales or finishing projects. Read more »

A Fool’s Plan (Issue 774)

In which we are reminded…again… that sustaining training is critical to long term capabilities and performance. Read more »

An Introduction to the Sauce (Issue 772)

In which we are reminded that a referral from a trusted source is the best way to stand out among the many who seek our prospects’ attentions Read more »

Playing Clean (Issue 747)

In which we are encouraged to break down our sales conversations and work out the sloppy spots. Read more »

A Cholesterol Problem (Issue 743)

In which we are reminded to develop our brands and our reputations around something memorable or the one thing we do best. Read more »

Short Cuts (Issue 713)

In which we are encouraged to stick with our proven sales processes rather seeking short cuts. Read more »

Stop the Bleeding (Issue 693)

In which we are reminded to maintain a broad view and help our clients solve the problems that are immediate and urgent, whether or not we make a sale in that moment. Read more »

Seeds of Doubt (Issue 690)

In which we wonder about the sagacity of posting “away” messages on email or voice mail. Read more »

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