small business sales training

A Team Before the Storm (Issue 1032)

In which we are reminded, when selling to complicated or major accounts: Bring in the team early. Read more »

Grandi Ravioli (Issue 1031)

In which we are reminded not to assume that our clients know what they are doing when they ask for products or services. Read more »

Conversation Starters (Issue 1030)

In which we are encouraged while networking or going about our daily tasks,  to wear something that stands out, breaks the ice, and starts conversation.  (Offered with apologies to my Michigan State friends.) Read more »

Chasing Ravioli (Issue 1029)

In which we are reminded that, no matter how good our offer or relationship is, many clients will always have an eye out for ‘what else is out there.’ Read more »

Validate and Verify (Issue 1028)

In which we are reminded that, even when apparently well-informed and knowledgeable buyers cast themselves upon us with demands or requests, we can and should  pause… and ask questions.  Read more »

Walk in the Alternatives (Issue 1027)

In which we are reminded that, sometimes, we have to give even well-informed clients or prospects time to sit with our recommendations and their alternatives before they make decisions. Read more »

Mind On The Gutter (Issue 1026)

In which we are reminded that spray and pray sales tactics usually fail if value is the key to success. Read more »

Slow Down (for the main point) (Issue 1025)

In which we are reminded that, when giving presentations, we should slow down to the speed at which our audiences can comprehend. Read more »

The Living Room (Issue 1024)

In which we are reminded that, while leading a team toward a major sale, it’s good to watch out along the way for organizational “snakes” that may not be so thrilled to see us come past them toward our prize. Read more »

Just Because You’ve Done It (Issue 1023)

In which we are encouraged, at any point in our careers,  to invite a coach to watch us perform and share feedback to improve our technique. Read more »

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