Stay ‘Open’, My Friends (Issue 856)

In which we are reminded to “stay open and curious” when a particular call objective doesn’t work out.

One of my friends is in the middle of an extended “world exploration” voyage which has included three months driving through the Western United States and, at this point, almost a month in northern India. Periodically, he writes a blog post highlighted by pictures of people met and places seen and, sometimes, a video monologue in which he reflects on his experiences.

He recently posted a blog from Rishikesh, a city in the Himalayan foothills beside the Ganges River. The river is considered holy; the city is a center for studying yoga and meditation.

He commented, “When I planned my travel to Rishikesh, I envisioned for myself some kind of  transformational spiritual experience. While I haven’t had that, I’ve found some peace here in a different way than I’d expected –  a sense of curiosity rather than any sort of tension or direction. I am not sure what impact this experience will have on me. I’m excited to have a few more days with my thoughts because, hopefully, they will lead to more good reflection.”

So… In case that feels a little too Himalayan woo-woo for sales: “I planned my meeting with ABC Company for their _X__ needs. They didn’t need X and I could have stopped there… but I was curious and I found some issues in a different way than I’d expected… hopefully, that will lead to more good conversation.”


And with that, dear friends, we conclude for the year.  Weekly Sales Thoughts will resume in January.  Happy New Year!

“I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start with, perhaps, a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.”

  • J.B. Priestly

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