Notes and Cards (Issue 689)

In which we are reminded to be memorable by acknowledging and celebrating clients and network friends.

“Nick,” the slightly light-faded, neatly hand-written card on the second bookcase shelf level begins, and then continues, “Thank you for…your newsletter… and your friendship….”

Twelve years ago! My friend and long-time colleague send the card to me twelve years ago.  And I was so touched and so moved by his thoughts and the card that I framed it and put it on a book case in my office.   When I turn to my left, I can see it.  Can’t quite read it at this distance, and I can see it…and I am reminded of him.

Nearby, there’s a photograph from one of my dad’s students with a note reflecting on one of our conversations.   A particularly warm thank you note received after I sent chocolate chip cookies to a client.  A card send by a friend  that reminds me, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

And somewhere, inside, I smile when I look at these cards. I remember the senders. I reflect. I feel a moment’s grace and gratitude.

We can’t tell, when we write notes, how they will affect the recipients. While they will keep some and discard others, every note contributes and (unless we’ve completely missed our mark) strengthens our connections.

Mary Kay Ash once said, “Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, ‘Make me feel important’” … and  I’d add to that… “Remember me.”

EVERYONE… family, friends, clients, suppliers, network members…..and, they, too, will somewhere smile and feel a moment’s grace and remember us when we say thank you, or celebrate their victories, or share why we think they’re important to us and worth remembering.


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