A Good Ride (Issue 1063)

In which we are reminded that our clients’ perceptions of how we worked with them can be just as important as the value of the work we provided.

“I appreciate how you take care of me.”

I’d just finished an hour in the tender care of my dental hygienist, Gary. I’ve been a patient in his dental practice for a couple of decades and, with few exceptions during all of those years, three times a year Gary has peered into my mouth, applied his picks and mirrors, and taken care of whatever he found there.

In the years before I started with his dental practice, I experienced several rounds of periodontal surgery that, frankly, I never, ever, ever want to have again. Because of the surgery, mine is not an easy mouth for routine hygiene work. So, I appreciate that Gary is as careful with me as he is.

Sliding out of the chair and standing up, I said, “I appreciate how you take care of me. I’ve had a few hygienist experiences here when I thought they didn’t do a thorough job – they didn’t understand what they were looking at, they went too fast, they missed spots. With you – you do a thorough job and it feels like you do a thorough job.”

He turned his head away from typing his visit notes and looked up.

“You’re welcome,” he replied, smiling. “And it’s the convincing you I did a thorough job that’s the important part.”

Yep… It’s not just about giving clients the right answer. It’s about giving them a good ride.

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