When The Door Opens… (Issue 1085)

In which we are reminded to always be ready… you just can’t tell when the door will open.

Have you heard of Tommy Emmanuel? The guitar player? In my pantheon of guitar players, he’s in the top echelon, a master practitioner of a wide variety of styles and techniques from folk to flamenco. If typical guitar players bring two hands with four fingers and a thumb to their playing, Tommy plays like he has an extra hand.

While I’ve watched plenty of Tommy on YouTube, I’ve never seen him perform “live”. I’ve had some close calls in past years when he’s played smaller venues near Boston… never made it. Feeling more intentional about it this year, I’ve been tracking him He’s on a nine-country, 109 concert tour; he’ll be playing tonight (March 20) in Turin, Italy, in case you want to pick up a last-minute ticket. He’ll play three dates in the USA in May, then he’s back in July.

Anyway, last time I checked, none of his announced tour dates brought him close to Boston. [Turns out that was sloppy research on my part and never mind.]

So, last night, late in the evening, I worked through my end of day stretches, watching TV in the background. Just before shutting the TV off for the night, I switched channels to WGBH, our local Public Television station……….. and there was Tommy Emmanuel in concert!!!!!!!!!!

Turns out that ‘GBH was using the pre-recorded show as a fundraiser. “Only a very few tickets left to Tommy Emmanuel at the Wilbur Theater in Boston on September 14. For a monthly donation of $18, two of those remaining tickets can be yours. Call 1-800-492-1111 or go one line at…”

I called. I gave. I got tickets. In five minutes. I have no idea where, in the theater, they will be and I don’t care. One of the gods will be on stage and I …will…be…there.

You just never can tell when a favorite performer or prospect will show up, all unbeknownst, accessible for a moment next to us in a theater or restaurant line or on screen. Sometimes the door opens and we have to be ready to step through it.

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