Clues (Issue 1087)

In which we are reminded that we are (probably) more transparent to our clients than we think.

I’ve just come back from a banking industry conference in Las Vegas (well, not really “back”, per se, as in “back home to Boston” since I contracted COVID from at least one of the 1500 Conference attendees and now I’m quarantined for a few days in California, but, never mind).

The Conference timing could not have been juicier – two weeks after the semi-instant demise of Silicon Valley Bank and the closure of Signature Bank,  so there was a lot of talk about deposit insurance, interest rates, bank vulnerability, regulators, social media and bank runs, artificial intelligence, the likely impact of ChatGPT, the weakest link in cyber security defenses (feel worried, it’s us, individual customers and bank employees), and presentations by some of the most visionary leaders in the banking industry.

However, the most astonishing visionary of the conference was Colin Cloud, a “mentalist” currently appearing at The Mirage in Las Vegas. Watch this (seriously… 😊… it’s YouTube, 5 minutes long after the commercials about fat burning strategies, disgusting food storage containers, or whatever) to see Colin in action. Watch it twice so you can really follow what he’s doing and the “how amazing is that” conclusion.

Colin’s performance at the banking conference left us gasping, minds blown. While some argue that much of his mind reading really isn’t, his ability to notice and interpret subtleties in accents, vocal tones, facial expressions, and body movements isn’t limited to one extraordinary Las Vegas stage performer. So, if we’ve ever had the thought that our clients and prospects can’t read us when we’re selling or negotiating…

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