Remember to Say “Thank You” (Issue 1098)

In which we are reminded, when others sing our praises, to say, ‘thank you’.

I’m writing this on Father’s Day. I’ve heard from both Miller children. We speak frequently and their calls today have been particularly welcomed. And, while I am warmed by our conversations and pleased that I’ve been a positive influence in their lives, I’m clear that, without their mother’s investment in our family, in each of our children, and in me, things could have been very different. I brought certain strengths to the partnership; my wife brought many others. We worked out roles. Where there were gaps, we filled them in as best we could. More often than not, my wife figured out how to fill in the gaps.

In other words, I’m happy my children consider me a good father. Absent my wife’s investments, my kids’ opinions of me as their dad might be different, possibly less positive.

We see this in a different way when companies steal top sales talent from competitors. More often than not, the “stars” fail to live up to expectations in the new places because the support systems and relationships developed in the “old places” were not present in the new places. So, the stars’ performance falls short while they are building new support systems and relationships.

However great we dads think we are as fathers, or however great we professionals think we are as consultants or salespeople, a large portion of ‘how great they say we are’ depends on others’ thoughtful and continuous investments over time. We feel happy when we hear our children’s thanks or our clients’ appreciations. We’ll do well, in turn, to thank our partners, parents and family members, friends, and team members whose efforts on our behalf enabled us to be considered that great.

Nick Miller trains banks and credit unions to attract and expand relationships with business clients through better skills, sales strategies, and execution. He is President of Clarity Advantage based in Concord, MA. Additional articles on Clarity’s web site.

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