Try It, You’ll Like It (Issue 981)

In which we are reminded that offering free samples can generate demand for services.

One of the best moments of my year-end break was an unexpected visit from two friends offering food as Christmas gifts – miniature Whoopie pie cookies and brownies. The cookies were unusual and wonderful. The brownies were, to quote a  TV ad for Peter Paul Mounds candy bars: “indescribably delicious.” Seriously….

In an effort to pace myself, I cut the brownies into quarters and then cut the quarters in half, thinking that I would pace myself to 1/8 of a brownie a day during the vacation.

Needless to say, that didn’t work. Once experiencing the melting butter and chocolate on my tongue, there was no turning back.

I found that to be true with several other foods during the vacation (although none of them as compelling as the brownies). Just the first hint of their flavors on my tongue was enough to start an almost uncontrollable desire for more, and more after that, and then even more.

This is the heart of sample–based selling whether it’s cosmetics, food, phones, or professional services. It’s one of the reasons why, in professional services, it’s so important for us to be out in our relevant communities volunteering, participating on committees, and making ourselves visible.

Yes, it’s important that we enjoy the activities and that we generate value for the groups in which we participate. And beyond that, our participation and contributions give potential clients and referrers the opportunity to “try us and like us” so that, when they have a concern or an opportunity, they  have an almost uncontrollable desire to either engage us or recommend us to their friends.

P.S. There’s a 1972 famous Alka-Seltzer TV commercial which is entitled, “Try it. You’ll like it.” Watch the waiter.

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