Bow Ties (or Learning to Wear The Brand) (Issue 843)

In which we are reminded, as we’re developing our brands or once we’ve built our brand, to stick with it...consistently.

“So, Nick…Where is your bow tie?”

We were just sitting down to dinner, two client team members and I, after a day of meetings.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you without a bow tie,” he said. “Where is your bow tie?”

I winced.  “I didn’t feel good about wearing it to the meetings this afternoon, ” I said. “There were new executive team members in the room. I didn’t know how stuffy they might be. I just felt like I should wear a more traditional tie for this first meeting.”

He looked at me without moving for three  v e r y   long seconds.

“You’re telling me I should have worn a bow tie.”

He smiled and looked down at the table, then looked back to me.

“Well, I HAVE a bow tie in my case. It’s Kelly green….”

His eyebrows lifted a little. “I’m just saying… If that’s your brand, wear the tie.”


Our professional branding strategies can include a wide variety of elements – particular articles of clothing (I’ve got the bow ties covered… y’all think of something else), a product, our specific expertise, particular turns of phrase (e.g. “I will study the situation.”), a tag line, or association with particular places or activities, golf, for example.  Whatever they are, repetition and consistency are critical. Over and over and over again.

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